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Varda Elentári

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
10:20 pm - Varda's Private Journal
Today, I was attacked by some strange people named "reporters," and as a group they were called "press." I can certainly understand why, I'm squished. They took a lot of "photographs," using this little machine that drew a picture of me on something called "film." I have no idea what this thing does, but there were lots of flashing lights and noisy "cameras." Anyway, they "interviewed" me, and now, apparently, they are casting me in something called a "sitcom," short for a "situation comedy" or something equally puzzling. Also, I think they are recruiting some of my friends. How strange? Anyway, this is the "plot" of this "show":

My LiveJournal Sitcom
makerofthestars's Life (CBS, 2:30): makerofthestars (Desi Arnaz) lets braided_wreath (David Schwimmer) borrow a coat to impress a neice. That weekend, nerdanelthewise (Alan Alda) uses spiritof_fire (Priscilla Presley)'s pocketknife. Soon afterwards, luthienofold (Jenny McCarthy) and wolfmoregreat (Queen Latifah) try out for a volleyball team. Afterwards, _tindomerel (Helen Hunt) breaks _fingon (Justin Timberlake)'s old 100-meter-dash record, but nobody sees it happen. Nearby, glitterofmetal (Jon Stewart) buys DVD players instead of books, ruining tur_in (Horatio Sanz)'s day. TV-G.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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current mood: amused

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
8:58 pm - (OOC: Worm is out.) Varda's Private Journal
I've been doing absolutely nothing, since, he left, nothing worth noting in this diary. My husband is too determined to blow Melkor to smithereens to notice me, Hercules is gone, Legolas ran for the hills, and all of my servants know what a foul mood I am in so they won't even attempt to start a conversation with me. Life is so empty, that there is no description for it, so I might as well not write any of it down. I suppose I could take a holiday, or I could maybe learn a new card game, something. If anyone notices me, would you give me a suggestion? A conversation? A sentence? A word?

current mood: blah

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
2:01 pm - ___ee___
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current mood: angry

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
3:24 pm - Varda's Private Journal
Whether or not it matters now, this morning I found an account of our (we being Hercules and I, that is) meeting, from a futuristic perspective, on my bedside table in my palace. The author remains anonymous, but anyway, I will place the document in this diary.

The AccountCollapse )

Just reading that brings tears. The strange thing is, our meeting went that way exactly. It makes me wonder who the author was, or is, or will be?

Hercules is gone now, he has gone back to Greece, and here I sit, alone and cold.

current mood: melancholy

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
7:06 pm - Varda's Private Journal
Okay, okay, it's all right, I'm not going to cry. (here, Varda bawls) Why do these things always happen to me?? First, Melkor sinks my kingdom and makes my lovely Taniquetil a frigging ISLAND, and then, he becomes Kevin Sorbo, see?. How am I going to tell the difference now?! He could just come and be Hercules, and I wouldn't even know the difference! I'm going to have to tag them. Give my Hercules a brand, but, then, how will I know if he is himself now? He could already be Melkor, and this could be a bit of a problem, because we just shagged, and that means I might have just shagged my brother!! Okay, Hercules might just have to go away for a little while, and I'll just have Legolas instead. Maybe now I can give Herc to Idril, she'd like that... no I can't do it. I'm in love, what can I say?!

For the love Iluvatar!!

But, it's fine, I don't have to worry about giving Hercules to Idril, because she'll be away for two weeks. And, I'll just deal, I'll just deal, and not think about that pompous Melkor who thinks he can make me commit suicide because he's ruining my existence. Well, *poo* on him.

Later in the day.

It never ends. My husband is in Beleriand. I must stop now. I must stop having fun. I must sink back into the shadows, and pretend that I am just a pretty spouse of the monarch who says nothing at all. But I'm not, I'm a free spirit, I am. I will prevail. (maybe)

I do believe I'm having a horrible week.

current mood: angry

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
4:40 pm - Varda's Private Journal
I'm so excited for tonight: Hercules and I are taking Melian and Thingol to this great "tickno" club to go dancing!! It should be excellent fun. Would any others like to join us? We can have a big bash, and celebrate all of the Ainur's birthdays, however a little late. Oh, what fun!

On another note: I was very upset to find out that Melkor has sunk my kingdom. Luckily, Manwë air-mailed me my palace, and is now trying (however futile his effort) to keep the continent from floundering. Stupid Melkor, he made me cry. I haven't cried in an age!!

current mood: melancholy

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
6:11 pm - Varda's Private Journal
I've found a new plaything: his name is Hercules. You can visit him here and here. Isn't he precious? When I was out walking in the forest this afternoon, I was ambushed by a gaggle of Orcs, and all of a sudden, a rift in spacetime appeared a few feet from me, and out pops the dashing Hercules. He knocks each of the 30-some bamboozled Orcs dead, and sweeps me off my feet to a nearby clearing, where he checks to see if I'm alright.

Due to my boredom with Manwë, of course I'm "more than alright," and sweep
him off his feet. So now he's become my hero, and we've been traveling about Beleriand ever since, and despite dangerous dragons, troublesome trolls, and gargantuan goblins, I'm still in one piece, because of Herc the Hero. I'm currently on a green hillside amidst all sorts of colorful wildflowers below a sky of blue full of big, fluffy clouds, and Hercules is off on some errand. He makes me feel young again! (and that's saying something) Oh! And here he comes now, carrying numerous bottles of Eregion Red (I wonder how he got those?!), bread, cheese, and lots of grapes, so I must go. Cheers!


current mood: rejuvenated

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
12:53 pm - Leaving...
Today is my birthday party, in which all are invited to come, bring lots of presents.

And tomorrow, the day after my birthday party, Iluvatar, my daddy, is taking me to England, isn't that precious?

Oh, I'm so excited. Wish me fun?


current mood: optimistic

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Monday, July 14th, 2003
4:32 pm - Varda's Journal
Today, I decided to purchase a baby dragon from Melkor's black market. I think I'll call him Bragollach, as "Sudden Flame" is a very appropriate name for this little creature.

I got my dragon at http://howcute.cjb.net!!!
Get one!

He's basically allright until he hiccoughs. Then, of course, he spouts flame. He's burned half of the hangings and tapestries in our chamber, and about half of this journal. He's even caught me on fire! I have no idea what to do with him, but at least he's a diversion from this boredo-- •the rest of the page is scorched and illegible•

current mood: hot

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
11:31 pm - Poor Varda
Varda is sitting upon her cushy, golden throne in Valinor, being absolutely and completely bored.

“Manwë!” she shouts. “Bring me a glass of water.”

“Yes, Milady, I am your humble servant,” he replies from somewhere about the hall.

“And be quick about it!” she adds.

Sighing, she thinks about how utterly boring her life is. Sometimes she is jealous of Melkor, being free to terrorize the people of the Earth, and having fun doing it. She’s made all the stars she can possibly make, and she’s been having to play the “good girl” for her entire existence. Sure, her husband can be entertaining at times, but since half of the time he’s groveling to her, and the other half, he’s acting like he’s the brains of the outfit (because Tolkien wasn’t exactly confident in women), he is also boring. So now, her life is filled with a constant self-pitying depression that no one can cure her of. . . .

“Manwë! How’s that water coming along? Don’t forget the ice!!”

current mood: bored

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Friday, July 11th, 2003
2:02 pm - This is the first post
Varda is the supreme ruler of Arda (heh). Her husband is Manwë, and she orders him around like a dog, while he gets the credit for ruling the Earth.

This is just a test.

current mood: complacent

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